Hall Lab goes to ESA!

Lab members Claire Teitelbaum and Richard Hall presented research at the Ecological Society of America 2018 meeting in New Orleans. Claire presented her study of linkages between animal movement and infection in the ungulates, which was recently published in Proceedings B. Richard presented some preliminary new work modeling the coupled dynamics of wildlife feeding and infection. Additionally, collaborator Ania Majewska presented her findings of drivers of high infection prevalence in sedentary monarchs, and we had our first PI meeting (and accompanying field trip) on our new project investigating the drivers and consequences of migration loss in monarchs. It was a pleasure to run into many old friends and colleagues, including Hall lab alumna Javiera Rudolph, who did her undergraduate research at UGA in 2013 and is now close to completing her dissertation at the university of Florida!

Top row: current and former Hall Lab collaborators Hayley Schroeder, Dara Satterfield, Ania Majewska, and Sonia Altizer (L) and Javiera Rudolph (R). Bottom: Tulane collaborators Caz Taylor and Christen Steele show Emory’s Jaap De Roode and the UGA crew local New Orleans breeding sites for monarchs (R)